Welcome to Unashamed Love, a blog about love and intimacy. I want to spend my life talking about love, intimacy, sex. I don’t want to be ashamed of discussing these topics. My goal is to teach and help those with intimacy disorders.

Let’s talk about the issues of porn addiction, love, intimacy, sexual exploitation, and relationships. Let’s see what literature, pop culture, the Bible, and society in general says regarding these topics. The best ways to understand these topics is to look at them from every view point. No topic is too small or too big to be covered. No perspective is off limits. If we can’t talk about love and intimacy, what can we talk about?

Too often in the church people are afraid to talk about sex unless in the context of wait till marriage or don’t participate in sexual sin. I want to change the dialogue. Not only in the church, but also outside of it. I don’t want to skirt around the topic nor do I want to have a crude discussion about it. Open and honest discussion is what’s really needed.

Everyone has an opinion, feel free to share yours. Join the discussion. Sound off on what matters to you, whether your passion is porn, emotional intimacy, relationships, sex or anything else. I invite you to help me create a healthy conversation.

Let’s take the shame out of love and start a dialogue.

Original content will be posted every Sunday, with links to posts I find interesting throughout the week.